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Vaptio COSMO 30W Starter Kit

Vaptio COSMO 30W Starter Kit
Vaptio COSMO 30W Starter Kit
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The Vaptio COSMO 30W Starter Kit is an innovative vaping system, combining an integrated 1500mAh rechargeable battery, multicolor LED Battery Indicator Light, and features a refined airflow adjustment system to regulate the proper degree of airflow going through the tank and internalized coil. Constructed from durable aluminium alloy, the chassis construction is designed to withstand moderate falls and slips to protect the vape. An intuitive firing button sits mounted at the top, hovering over the twin adjustment buttons and the MicroUSB port. The integrated 1500mAh rechargeable battery provides plenty of charge to last throughout the day, firing at wattages up to 30W and is paired with the COSMO Sub-Ohm Tank to promote the production of tasty flavorful clouds. Measuring in at 18.5mm, the COSMO Sub-Ohm tank can hold up to 2.0mL of today's popular eJuice, utilizing a 0.7 and 1.6ohm coil to vaporize freebase nicotine and nicotine salts, respectively. Furthermore, the Vaptio COSMO 30W Starter Kit is a perfect combination that works together harmoniously, providing a satisfying vaping experience. 

Vaptio COSMO 30W Box Mod Features:

Dimensions - 68.9mm by 27mm by 20.3mm
Integrated 1500mAh Rechargeable Battery
Wattage Output Range: 1-30W
Resistance Range: 0.7-3.0ohm
3 Power Level - Low, Medium, High
Aluminium Alloy and Resin Chassis Construction
RGB Color LED Indicator
Intuitive Firing Button
Two Adjustment Buttons
Short-Circuit Protection
Low-Voltage Protection
Over-Vaping Protection
Over-Charging Protection
MicroUSB Charging Port

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