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Aerospaced 4 Part Grinder

Aerospaced 4 Part Grinder
Aerospaced 4 Part Grinder
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The Aerospaced 4 Part Grinder is a well crafted 4 part grinder, implementing a threaded chassis connections, meshed pollen catch screen, and possesses a ultra-strong Neodymium magnetic grinding chamber. Formed from lightweight aluminium, the Aerospaced 4 Part Grinder is durable and comes apart in four pieces. The pieces are connected via threaded connection, sans the top magnetic grinding chamber. At the base is a meshed section, allowing for fine particulate matter to fall through while stopping the larger pieces in the storage chamber. At the top sits the grinding chamber, fitted with 28 diamond shaped teeth, perfect for tearing and ripping up the loaded spices or dried herbs within. 

Aerospaced 4 Part Grinder Features:

Dimensions - 50mm by 46mm (1.96in)
3 Chamber Design
Durable Aluminium Alloy Construction
Threaded Chassis Connections
Magnetized Grinder Compartment Section
Diamond Shaped Grinding Teeth
Plastic Ring
Neodymium Magnets
CNC Machining - Anodized Finish
Mesh Screen
Pollen Catch Section
Available in Black, Green, Rasta, Rose Gold, Lilac, Silver, Light Blue
Available in 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm


1 Aerospaced 4 Part Grinder

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